How to Prepare for GATE-2019

How to Prepare for GATE-2019

Make strategies and follow them. Month wise strategic has been mentioned that will help GATE aspirants in preparation.   

Start as early as possible. When it comes to preparing for the GATE, the earlier you start, the better, a great GATE score can have a significant impact on your professional future.

  • June- mid October: This is the period you should devote some time to every topic and focus slightly more on developing your theoretical base (roughly around 65% weightage to theory and 35% to solving questions/practice). GATE exam tests your basics. Hence it is quite essential that your concepts are crystal clear. If you are enrolled in a GATE coaching institute, keep studying thoroughly the subject which is going on in the class along with revision of a subject that’s already been completed (choose a subject for revision, preferably, which you feel you did not understand properly). Keep clearing your doubts with your friends or teachers. For practice, you can solve the material given to you by your coaching institute or some other standard books/question banks. Ensure that around 70-75% of the syllabus gets covered by the end of this period. Make short notes side by side
  • Mid October-Mid December: In this period, more weightage should be given to problem solving. Solve as many questions as you can of the subjects that you’ve already completed, apart from completing the remaining portion of your syllabus. By the end of this period, make sure that your entire syllabus is completed in every sense along with all previous years’ questions of GATE. If time permits, you may also take some part-syllabus tests during this period for practice.
  • Mid December-January: This is probably the most crucial period. It should be majorly devoted to taking subject online tests and full- syllabus GATE online mock tests. Take as many tests as you can. However, taking two subject tests for each subject and around 15 full syllabus tests would be more than sufficient. Try to introspect the kind of mistakes that you are making and make sure you don’t repeat them. Identify your weak areas and try to fill up the gaps.
  • A week before the exam: In this period you should not stress yourself much. Keep revising your notes and important formulae. You can also go through the important previous years’ questions of GATE. Keep decreasing the number of hours that you study day by day. In the last two days of this period, you can skim through the entire syllabus on a very superficial level keeping yourself relaxed, calm & composed.

Usually it has been noticed that in every branch there are 4-5 subjects which comprise of 45-50 marks totally. So you should target those subjects firstly and once you are done with these subjects switch on Aptitude and Engineering Mathematics.

Make a separate notebook for formulas and just revise through that become the most important part of GATE crack formulas.